ClimateWise Collaboration: Climate Change & Health

What is the business challenge at the heart of this collaboration?
This collaboration aims to find ways to protect people from health risks brought about by climate change. Public health experts are increasingly demonstrating the evidence of mortality and morbidity impacts from extreme weather events like heat waves and flooding.

Who is involved and how are they working together?
The roundtable proposed that, as the Government and wider society are encouraged to look to the private sector to provide a range of welfare benefits, the Health and Protection industry needs to explore how to incorporate the health impacts of extreme weather into risk models. This is also a golden opportunity to go on the front foot and build a reputation as a protection service provider with society’s interests at heart.

Next Steps
The October 2010 roundtable recommended that simple actions were put in place to move the industry from a position of too many ‘known unknowns’ to one where the central value creation questions are properly understood. These will be taken forward principally by ClimateWise over the coming months.

The group would welcome input and expressions of interest for participation from appropriate institutions.